On September 25th, National Comic Book Day honors the art, artists, and stories of comic books. This dynamic art form continues to inspire artists and storytellers today. National Comic Book Day has been created so that fans of comic books can enjoy and pay tribute to this form of entertainment.

Whether a person grew up glued to the pages of comic books, or they have never really experienced the wonders that lie between their pages, National Comic Book Day encourages all people to get out and embrace this incredible storytelling medium. There are a lot of comics around the world that are incredibly popular. Many of our Junior High Students were able to share this moment with their classmates.

Three reasons why Lycée Students love National Comic Book Day; They’re timeless. Who knew that a form of literature popularized in the 1930s would still be among the most widely consumed forms of media in the 21st century? Well, Lycée Student do!

They’ve inspired record-breaking movies. For the last decade, movie adaptations of beloved comics have shattered box office records and continue to do so. They help our students learn to read.

While comics have historically been the villain when it comes to what students should be reading, that’s all turning around. Parents have found that offering comic books to children makes them more interested in learning to read, builds reader confidence, improves vocabulary, and exposes them to real-life situations. Seems more like a superhero than a villain to us.

Lycée’s Junior High students felt as if they were in a real Comic Con event in their school. The students took a moment to admire each other’s outfits and took time to express themselves creatively when creating their comic book pins.